This is my goal for the rest of week! No more negative Liliana here. 

hello guys! in this blog post i will being giving you a few tips on how to be happier! hopefully it might be somewhat helpful :)
1. spend time alone: sometimes the best thing to do is to just go home and watch your favorite tv show or read a book by yourself.  spending your days surrounded by people can be exhausting and even if it’s a friday night and you think you should be out partying with the homies, getting some me time can be much more rewarding.
2. don’t be dragged down by toxic friendships: true friends let you do what you want to do and don’t try and hold you back but still watch out for you.  

3. find yourself first: don’t rely on other people for your own personality, make sure you know your own beliefs and limits before getting involved in a relationship (especially a romantic one) that could possibly change them for the worse.

4. volunteer: one of the best feelings in life is helping other people.  it doesn’t have to be anything big but you can ask your school or local places and see if they need help.  for example; in the summer i volunteer every monday at my local library and read to young kids.  it’s not much but it gives me a great feeling inside.
5. spend time with your family: this can be somewhat objective, given if you don’t really enjoy being around your family but for me i love spending time with my cousins and they can alway put me in a good mood.
6. be healthier: eating healthy foods will help get your body in better shape which will make you feel better as well as exercise. even if it’s just a ten minute walk sometimes it’s good to get moving and will get your endorphins going making you feel better.
7. do things you like: when i am having an awful day reading always seems to help, but if you don’t like to read you can run, paint, draw, write etc. just anything that you like to do and will make you feel better
8. send good vibes out: the more good you put into the world, the more you will get out of it :)
9. if you feel upset try smiling: i know it can be hard and there will be times when you just can not smile but if you can just try and fake it, and eventually the smile won’t be fake anymore
10. take action: if you want to be happy, then do it.  follow these tips or don’t just do something that will make you feel better and not just in the short term but something that will make you feel better for the long run.
truly, emma
p.s. the lovely picture was taken by my friend ellie aka sqhuid so be sure to check her blog out :)))
“Waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad.”

When I did this, love you bub

Emily Ratajkowski for GQ Magazine.

So I thought I’d spoil myself a little on Boxing Day and buy Adriana Lima’s red look on this year’s VS fashion show…

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